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Getting Started

First, you will need to install Microsoft OneNote 2010, 2013 or 2016 (earlier versions are not supported). Next, you will need to download the program BibleNote and install it on your computer.

The program comes installed with three notebooks (folders) to help you study the Bible: 

Structure of notebooks for Bible study The "Bible" notebook – contains the entire text of the Bible. Here you can highlight keywords and use a special command to write comments on specific biblical passages. In other words - this is your complete electronic version of the Bible for self-study.

The "Bible Study" notebook – contains all your Bible notes (e.g. notes from previous Bible study courses, sermon notes, lesson plans, etc.). It is recommended that you create separate section groups (folders) for each course. The organization of your study materials will save you time and effort.

The "Bible Comments" notebook  – contains your comments about Biblical passages. Pages in this notebook are automatically created by the program.

Please read the manual before using the program.