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Support further development!

The main difference between BibleNote (OneNote IStudyBibleTools) and other Bible study programs is our focus on providing the student with a convenient and in-depth way to personally study the Bible. Some of the features include:
  • Analyze the text yourself (name chapters & paragraphs, note key words, word syntax, word correlation, etc);
  • Write your own commentary on any Biblical passage;
  • Note Biblical themes;
  • Lightning fast search engine that enables you to find any/all notes that you have written on any passage.

There is still a lot of work to be done to improve BibleNote.

We have plans to:
  • Have a separate window outside of OneNote just for the Bible, this will allow you to:
    • When you click on a Bible reference, it will highlight all the verses of the range;
    • Add a filter to the "Notes" link (the same filter for the "Summary Notes" pages);
    • It will be much more easier to work with key words, contrasts, conclusions and comparisons. Titling chapters and paragraphs will also be easier;
    • Have quick access and control over parallel Bible translations;
    • Use Strong’s and other concordances more quickly and easily;
    • Search the whole Bible (considering typos, different word forms, etc.), including key words;
    • It will be easier and more convenient to add your own thoughts and commentaries about any passage of scripture;
    • Improve the performance of the "Notes Analysis" command;
  • Simplify the process of installing and configuring the program;
  • The ability to analyze Microsoft Word documents;
  • Automatic notes analysis while the computer is in idle state;
  • Create a web-service for automatically recognition Bible verses on websites and further opening Bible verses in the program BibleNote;
  • Create new support modules like "Bible Interpretation", "Bible Parallels" and "Book/Textbook";
  • The ability for users to edit modules;
  • The option to download new modules within the program from an online vault of modules;
  • Bug fixes;
  • Better recognition of Bible verses;
  • And much, much more.

With your help, we can create a cutting-edge program that will help many people go deeper in their study of God’s Word!